"The ability to realize a good deal and seize on it is what makes a smart investor. Anybody can throw down a low ball offer, but a smart, market educated investor knows a good deal when they see one". - Chad W. Sellers, Broker of Texas Property Shop

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Foreclosure Search - Use this tool to locate foreclosed/bank owned/government owned properties (known as REO's in the real estate industry) in the Austin area. Depending on how the listing broker entered the property into the MLS® may affect the results of this search however. For example, some banks require that the listing broker not list or indicate that the property is an REO in the MLS in fear that any prospective buyers might try to low ball them. Contact one of our expert REALTORS® for more information and how to locate all REO's.

*Texas Property Shop is a statewide listing broker for just about every major bank in the US as well as some government agencies including the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Marshalls. For more information, please visit our "Foreclosures" page. To see our available REO's listed in the Austin area, click here. To see our statewide listings, click here.

Short Sale Search - This feature allows you to search for short sales is in the Austin area. A common misconception is that investors cannot buy short sale listings, which is not necessarily the case. Contact us for more information about short sale purchasing as an investor. **What is a short sale? Click here for a detailed explination or visit our "Short Sale" page.

Advanced Search - Know what you are lokoing for? Great! Use this feature for a detailed advanced property search in the Austin area.

 Contact an Expert - It doesn't cost you anything on the buying side to have an expert REALTOR® represent you, so why not let us help? Even the most seasoned advanced investors need help. Contact us today for all your real estate investing.

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